Montana Registered Agent Service Agreement

Service Agreement between Montana Registered Agent LLC and Client.

For terms of this agreement, Montana Registered Agent LLC will be referred to as: “MRA”.

The laws of Montana govern MRA and any agreements with MRA.

Only the services and descriptions of services that you hire MRA to perform are applicable to your agreement.

MRA does not file its clients personal contact information on state documents, only the statutory minimum information needed. MRA will not give out client’s personal information. MRA does not sell its clients information, nor is MRA for sale.

MRA will not release information to sales call visits to our office, phone calls, investigators, state and federal employees, etc, unless legally obligated by a court order.

Any information on this website, or expressed by MRA is only an interpretation and opinion. We do not offer legal or tax advice.

By hiring MRA as its Montana registered agent, MRA clients agree to appoint MRA to receive any service of process or official mail on the client’s behalf.

The client also agrees to provide MRA with all information required for MRA to meet its registered agent requirements as listed in the Montana Model Registered Agents Act.

When receiving process on behalf of the client, MRA shall in no event be held responsible for any part of the law suit or claim.

Under no circumstances is MRA liable or responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or alleged to be caused by the use of our services. MRA does not assume any legal, financial, or other liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any official documents prepared and or filed by a client directly with any state.

MRA’s financial liability is limited on all aspects, only to the fees paid to MRA.

If client hires MRA to do a filing on their behalf, client understands that State filing fees and the State expedite fees are the State charges, not ours. We do not charge extra to expedite a filing. Client understands that if the State fails to process a normal or expedited filing quickly, that the State will not issue us a refund, and in turn, we cannot issue client a refund of State filing fees or expedite fees. Client agrees to not request a refund or dispute charges on clients credit card for filing times.

Charge backs on services will not be tolerated. If client disputes charges for services rendered, MRA will charge a $200 inconvenience fee.

If Client provides a digital signature, Client agrees that this signature is acceptable for MRA to use as Client’s legal signature when appropriate for work Client has hired MRA to perform.

Client signing up for service agrees to be responsible for the renewal fee of $45 a year, or to cancel service properly by cancelling company with the State, withdrawing application, or paying the resignation of agent filing fee.

If you have signed up for our incorporation service, and the card holder’s name is not listed as a member, manager or officer of the entity, we may email the primary contact for credit card verification before the filing is submitted to the State. If verification is not received within 30 days, the filing may be canceled and a refund shall be issued to the card holder minus the $25 refund/cancellation fee.