Montana Registered Agent LLC in Kalispell, Montana

$45/year Montana registered agent service

Montana is a great state for business. We believe in keeping costs low and fees to a minimum. Corporate taxes are among the lowest in the country, and sales tax doesn’t exist.

At Montana Registered Agent LLC, we provide Montana registered agent services. You are legally required to appoint a registered agent. Our job is to provide you with high-quality service at a competitive price.

Along with registered agent service, you automatically get:

  • An online account
  • A range of compliance monitoring tools
  • Annual Report reminders and tax notifications
  • Access to every Montana business document you will ever need
  • A full Montana Business Presence (domain, email, website, phone number) 

We can even set you up with your Montana LLC or Montana Corporation. In other words, we do more than serve as your registered agent. We’re business experts in Montana, which means we’re your link to a range of business products that can help your company succeed, and grow.

Are We the Best Montana Registered Agents? You Bet We Are:

  • Our registered corporate office is right here in Kalispell, MT.
  • We scan service of process and official notices into your online account immediately after we sign for them.
  • We notify you within minutes when we’ve signed for your documents.
  • We provide you an all-access business account with every Montana business form you’ll ever need.
  • We supply tips and how-to guides so you understand exactly how business filings are done here in Montana.
  • Our first-rate staff is always available by phone to answer any question you may have.
  • Our price is the most competitive in Montana: $45 a year.

What Exactly Do You Do As My Montana Registered Agent?

Montana is one of the few states that actually sets out registered agent duties in their legal code. According to 35-7-114 of the Montana Model Registered Agents Act, the duties of a registered agent are:

  • To forward to clients any process, notice or demand that is served on the agent
  • To provide notices to clients whenever notices are sent to the agent

At Montana Registered Agent LLC, we upload all your documents into your online account immediately after they enter our office. We contact you the same day so that you never miss an important document or deadline.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Registered Agent? Can I Act As My Own Registered Agent?

Montana state law prohibits LLCs and Corporations from acting as their own registered agents. You must appoint either an individual who meets the state requirements or an entity in good standing with the Secretary of State.

Looking for a Better Montana Registered Agent?

Hire Montana Registered Agent LLC. Our service is second to none, and our price is the most competitive in the industry.

To change your registered agent:

What You File: Registered Agent/Office Change by Entity

What You Pay: No Filing Fee

How You File: Online only

To change your Montana registered agent, you will need to file a Registered Agent/Office Change by Entity form. There is no filing fee. You can change your Registered Agent through the Montana Online Filing Portal. You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one. When you are logged in, you will need to search for your business. Select your business from the search results and select “Filing Actions.” Then, choose “Registered Agent/Office Change by Entity.”

Or Make the Change on Your Annual Report

You can also change registered agents when filing your annual report. All Montana businesses are required to file annual reports online

What You Pay: $20 if filed before April 15, or $35 if filed after April 15

Note: The Annual Report filing fee has been waived or all Montana businesses in 2024.

How You File: Online

To form a Montana LLC, you must submit Articles of Organization online through the Montana Secretary of State online filing system. Standard processing will take between 7-10 days business days. However, you can pay an additional $20 (24 hours) or $100 (1 hour) for expedited processing.

Start a Montana Corporation

What You File: Articles of Incorporation

What You Pay: $35

How You File: Online

Expedite Options: (see above)