Montana Certificate of Authority: Foreign Corporation

Foreign Corporation in MT

If you are a corporation headquartered in another state and you want to do business in Montana, you will need to register your corporation as a foreign Montana corporation. Once your application is accepted, you will receive a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State and be registered to do business.

To register a foreign corporation in Montana, you must have a Montana registered agent. You can hire Montana Registered Agent LLC for only $45 a year. Once you are our client, you can access the proper foreign registration forms from your online account.

You will need to file a Certificate of Authority of Foreign Corporation Application. This is submitted to the Montana Secretary of State. There is a $70 filing fee. Normal processing is usually within 10 business days, but you can expedite the filing. There is a 24-Hour Priority Handling option for $20 and a 1-Hour Expedite Handling option for $100.

When submitting your Certificate of Authority Application, you must include a Certificate of Good Standing from your home state. The Certificate of Good Standing can be no older than six months.