Montana Business Filing

Guide to Business Filings in Montana

When you start a business in Montana, you will have various filings that will need to be done with the Secretary of State. One of the advantages to hiring Montana Registered Agent LLC is that once you are a client you will have access to every business document from your online account. We have compiled every form you will ever need to file, along with extensive notes and DIY guides so that you can quickly and easily handle any Montana business filing.

And the best part? You can file these yourself without having to pay someone else to do it for you. Business filing services charge hundreds of dollars to fill out simple forms and mail them to the Secretary of State on your behalf. Cut out the middle man and save yourself money by filing them yourself.

You can hire Montana Registered Agent LLC for only $45 a year and have instant access to your online account with all the forms and instructions, as well as the best Montana registered agent service available.

How to File Business Forms in Montana

Montana’s filing system is completely digital, so in order to file in Montana you will need to create an account and log in to the Montana Online Filing Portal.

Filings are usually processed within 10 business days, but you can expedite your filing if you need it faster.

There are two expedite options:

  • 24 Hour ($20)
  • 1 Hour ($100)

To pay for expedited filing, you must log into the Online Payment Portal. Then select either Priority Handling (24 Hour) or Expedite Handling (1 Hour). You will pay this fee online.

Filing Time

Standard processing time is 10 business days.

Or you can expedite the filing. There are two expedite options: 24 Hour and 1 Hour.

Filing for a Registered Agent/Office Change

You can submit a Registered Agent/Office Change by Entity form to the Secretary of State through your online account. There is no filing fee.